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Customised programs tailored to specific business objectives including Team Workshops and 1:1 coaching.
Forté look to ignite skill, performance and power through;

Power of Writing Workshop

A 1 day participative workshop for 5-6 people (2 x 1/2 day modules).

Forté’s unique armoury of 7 ‘power points’:

  • power of planning You need to have a plan and structure. Finding out what you’re going write, to whom and how.
  • power of personal expression You are the source of your communication. Finding out the right expression that fits your style of writing.
  • power of plain english Writing to be read and understood. Ensuring your writing is clear, concise and courteous.
  • power of persuasion Persuasion is at the heart of most business communications. Finding out how to inject it into your letters and documents.
  • power of presentation All your writing calls for it. Finding out how to lay out and add polish to your written word.
  • power of punctuation You need to know how to punctuate. Finding out how to do it correctly.
  • power of proofing There’s no excuse for mistakes in writing. Finding out the importance of, and approach to, proofreading.

forté: instilling confidence in the power of personal expression, creating focused and successful written communication.


To find out more about this workshop please contact us via email here or call on 0418 868 823.


Clarity in Communications

A one-day program that focuses on structured thinking.


Clarity in Communications is a one-day program that teaches you how to use logic and structure when communicating a point of view, such as a conclusion or recommendation, after analysing the problem you are trying to solve. You will be introduced to classic problem solving and synthesis methodologies as used by consulting firms and business strategy teams.


The one-day program is delivered in two parts:


1. Part one focuses on classic problem solving. You will learn how to clearly define, disaggregate and solve business issues using logic trees.

2. Part two focuses on creating a logical structure for communications using key storylining concepts that are targeted to the audience. You will synthesise ideas into a compelling business case by learning how to analyse an audience, build an introduction, articulate the governing idea of a storyline, and build and test the supporting logic.


You will benefit from attending this program if you:


  • Need to increase your productivity and efficiency by significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to analyse problems and communicate the solutions to an audience.
  • Have been asked to present complex problems and solutions onto one page, making it easy to engage with clients, provide feedback to staff and critique each other’s work.
  • Need to provide clearer and easy-to-read documents in a format that your clients will often use themselves and understand.
  • Want to use a common language and set of tools for all to use.




  • Very powerful and enjoyable learning experience. The course I attended was one of the best I had been on. I strongly believe it is a true investment an employer can make for their employees.  
  • Forté has exceeded my expectations...and has provided customised programmes to meet our specific needs.  
  • The practical nature of the workshops has meant a more rapid transfer of skills back into the work situation - a feature not so evident in the more standardised approaches I've dealt with in the past.  
  • Forté reviews each individual's needs with me before the workshop then structures the specific development around these needs. The workshops are very practical, featuring plenty of 'real' activities mixed with individual instruction and coaching.  
  • Even the most polished presenter can learn from this Power of Presentation experience.  
  • The Power of Writing equips participants with the knowledge, tools and confidence to turn ordinary writing into something extra-ordinary; communication that really grabs the reader's attention, and holds onto it!  
  • each member of our team found your Power of Team program challenging and stimulating...as individuals we greatly benefited from the personal interpretation of our 'team roles' ...there was a significant increase in the synergy of the team as we came to realise the importance of our individual contributions towards the team's goals and vision ..." "Congratulations on the fantastic conference...the format was both interesting and enjoyable and the involvement of all attending was the key to its success. Suzie Rogers was a great MC. Overall it was a refreshing change. Thank you!!  
  • Forté provided valuable assistance in a major pitch to potential clients...Forté was instrumental in moulding a customer focused document and in adapting the presentation technique of our lawyers from the courtroom to the boardroom...Forté assisted in adapting the presentation so as to make it interesting and informative to lawyers and non-lawyers alike  
  • I thought the program was fantastic and very worthwhile, I thought Louise was very engaging and the size of the group was awesome - definitely time allocated for the one on one coaching. A well worthwhile investment.  
  • This was an excellent course and I have recommended my GM to attend the next one  

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